The Award

The purpose of the awards is to challenge emerging builders to produce two bikes that meet the exacting standards of The Harrison Collection. The two successful applicants will receive a contract for a commission, a donor bike and the budget to create their masterpiece.

Anything goes in this competition, anything will be considered, so feel free to unleash all your ideas and creativity when it's time to submit your entry. There is only one stipulation, the bike must run, be rideable and preferably but not necessarily UK road legal.

Anyone can apply, but we are looking for builders at a specific point in their journey. We'd like to focus on emerging talent. Builders who have demonstrated notable talent in one or two significant builds. We are not looking for complete novices, or established builders running custom workshops. We are looking for builders on the cusp. These guidelines are purposely loose, so we will ask you to respect the spirit of the award, and we will be doing our research!


We are currently accepting entries. You can submit your ideas until the 15th of September.

The submissions can be in any form you deem appropriate; written text, reference photographs, sketches, for ease of use please send images in PDF format. We would advise against full renders for the reason outlined below. Include a signed copy of the text written at the bottom of this page which allows us to promote your ideas on social media, as we shall also be asking the general public for their opinions. Please remember we are looking for ideas and design flair, so we're happy to accept these expressed in whatever form you feel comfortable communicating in.

The deadline is absolute, with no exceptions. We will then whittle down the applicants to a shortlist of ten, which will then be announced on the 6th of October.

Each one of the ten finalists will be given a budget of €400 to produce a render by the 21st of October.

We will then consider the renders in relation to the original applications, and refine the shortlist to five finalists, who will be announced on the 1st of November.

We would then like to meet the finalists during the month of November, after which we will make our final decisions.

The two winning builders will be announced on the 1st of December. The builders will then have six months from that date in which to build and deliver the bikes.

The two winning bikes will be featured on Bike EXIF, and will be exhibited at a number of high profile custom bike events from the spring of 2019.

After a European tour, the bikes will consequently take pride and place in The Harrison Collection, arguably one of the most important Italian bike collections in the world.


When submitting your idea please include a signed copy of this text: "I allow The Harrison Collection Ltd and their associates to publicise my work on any social media they see fit. I own my work and ideas but I give my permission for the work to be made public for the sake and benefit of this competition."

* By emailing us you are agreeing to be subsequently contacted by us in relation to the 2018 Harrison Awards and any forthcoming Awards, and to receive ongoing correspondence containing news and events regarding The Harrison Collection.

The intention is to provide a platform for a new generation of custom bike builders, to bring out of the shadows the finest rising talents of our creative custom bike world.

There are two commissions to be awarded:

Runner up bike

Runner up

The runner up will receive a rolling chassis 748, consisting of a fully functional bike but without fairings, fuel tank, lights, seat. This was a Tamburini icon, so the design bar is set high. The build budget that will be assigned for this project is €8,000.


The winner will be working on the most classic of donors; an early M900. Ducati built the Monster to be customised which makes it an excellent canvas upon which a builder can create something truly unique. There are already a hundred and one custom Monster's which is exactly why we chose this as a donor bike, inviting the builders to be imaginative, creative and ingenious, we want to see something different. The build budget that will be assigned for this project is €15,000.

Winner bike

The Judges